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Vision and Goals



더 많은 배려 · 함께하는 서구 More consideration ·Seo-gu shares everything

More consideration · Seo-gu shares everything


  • 01Construction of city foundation for future development
  • 02Safe and healthy living environment
  • 03True service and warm welfare
  • 04Educational and cultural foundation for all
  • 05Reliable and responsible administration

New Year Slogan implicitly expresses the management direction will for
‘Happy life for all Seo-gu residents in a mature society with care and respect for others’


Seo-gu logo image

Expresses “More Care for Others” with image of a person hugging the other with open arms
The oval shape in the bottom part with folding hands expresses people working together for Seo-gu

Strategy for Each Goal

  • 01

    • Construction of city foundation for future development
      • Construction of railway station at Seodaegu and establishment of facilities around the station
      • Regeneration project for Seodaegu industrial complex and dyeing industrial complex/activation of housing redevelopment and rebuilding
  • 02

    • Safe and healthy living environment
      • Reorganization of Waryongsan Mountain and Ehyun Park/Development of Seo-gu greenway
      • Strengthening of crime prevention environment project, activation of daily sports, and expansion of public sports facility
  • 03

    • True service and warm welfare
      • Promotion of volunteer work for all residents and strengthening of customized welfare by classes
      • Establishment of welfare infrastructure of children, women, and youth, improvement of public childcare facilities
  • 04

    • Educational and cultural foundation for all
      • Establishment of lifelong learning center, development of Seo-gu talent, reduction of educational gap
      • Expansion of youth culture center, promotion of cultural and arts festival with resident participation
  • 05

    • Reliable and responsible administration
      • Budgeting system for resident participation, strengthening of suggestion system for resident policy
      • Improvement of old village administration and welfare centers