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Multicultural Family Support

Support Business

  • Korean Language Education Business

    Systematic and special Korean language education for immigrant’s adaptation to Korean society

    • Date and Time : March ~ December
    • Target : Marriage-based immigrants, immigrated children
    • Location : Program Room in Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center
    • Fee : Free of charge
    • Contents : Placement test, Korean language education, achievement test
      Date and Time and Refer to following This is a table for Korean education.
      Date and Time Refer to following
      Mon•Wed•Fri 10:00 ~ 12:00 Beginner’s Level/basic Level
      Mon•Wed•Fri 13:00 ~ 15:00 Elementary Level/Intermediate Level/advanced Level
      Sat 11:00 ~ 12:00 TOPIK Level

      ※ Inquiry : Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center ☎+82-53-341-8312

  • Home Visiting Education Business

    Provides educational service by sending the professional instructor to marriage-based immigrants and families who cannot participate due to financial difficulty or accessibility.

    • Target
      • Home visiting Korean Language Education Service : Marriage-based immigrant who spent less than 5 years in Korea, immigrated children (Under 19)
      • Home Visiting Parent Education Service : Parent education and family counseling service for child rearing
      • Child Support Service : Guidance for identity, emotion, sociality of multicultural family’s children and immigrated children (3~12)

        ※ Child Support Service is available after application member registration at in community service center

    • Hours : 2 hours/twice a week

      ※ Inquiry : Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center ☎+82-53-341-8312

  • Language Development Support for Children of Multicultural Family

    Assessment of language development status for children of multicultural family and use of language suitable for the age level. Support systematic and special education for children who have difficulty in communication.

    • Target : Children of multicultural family and foreign parents (2~12), immigrated children
    • Contents : Language assessment, Language education(Individual • Group Class)
  • Interpretation and Translation Support Business

    Provide interpretation and translation service for Chinse and Vietnamese in order to solve the communication problem in the early stage of settlement.

    • Target : Marriage-based immigrants and multicultural family
    • Contents : Provide information, solve family issue, interpretation and translation service for settlement in Korea
    • ※ Inquiry : Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center ☎+82-53-341-8312
  • Bilingual Environment Establishment Business

    Provide play activity program with various physical activities and provide education for enhancing the importance and perception of bilingual ability.

    • Target : Multicultural parent with young children
    • Content : Education for mutual interaction between parent-child, parent education, self-help group
    • ※ Inquiry : Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center ☎+82-53-341-8312

Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center

  • Aims to establish foundation for health family integration of multicultural family by providing the integrated services such as Korean language education, family and child education counseling, interpretation and translation service, information service, and language ability strengthening.

    tel. +82-53-341-8312 / 355-8041

    fax. +82-53-355-8044

  • Location

    2F, 28, Oksan-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu (1115-5 beonji, Wondae-dong 3-ga)

  • Major Business

    Education business

    • Korean language education
    • Integrated education for multicultural family (parent education service, child support service)
    • Employment and education support for multicultural family
  • Specialization Business
    • Support for language development of children in multicultural family
    • Interpretation and translation service for marriage-based immigrants
    • Language class for learning the language of mother or father
  • Counseling Business

    Family counseling, personal counseling, case management

  • Culture Business

    Volunteer group for multicultural family, self-help group

  • Special Business
    • Cultural adaptation program for immigrated children (Colorful Bridge)
    • Music activity program for children of multicultural family (Saturday Music School)