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Dalgubul Governor Parade

Dalgubul Governor Parade

A street parade with the theme of visit of governor based on Nalmoe folk tale.
Residents of various backgrounds participate in the parade to express the hope of Seo-gu

  • Date and Time Every October ※ Oct.15. 2017 (Sun) 09:30~17:00
  • Location Seo-gu Office~Jungri Crossroad~Seogu Community Sports Field
  • Composition Band – Parade of governor – Nalmoe Drum Dance – Student group – Family group – Pungmul group
  • Division In Charge Cultural Promotion Division (+82-53-663-2181)

Introduction and Festival Contents

  • A street parade expressing the visit of Dalgubul governor
  • A parade group composed of residents expressing the hope of Seo-gu

Location and Directions